Established in 2017, Horrible Home Video is a celebration of nostalgia inspired by the captivating artistry of VHS cassette tape covers. Growing up in a house full of VHS tapes, the whimsical artwork, funny descriptions, and taglines adorning movie covers left an indelible mark on my memories. The concept of VHS goodie boxes emerged as a fitting tribute to the cherished artifacts of my childhood, encapsulating the spirit of a bygone era by filling VHS cases with other items that left a lasting impression on me, such as stickers, trading cards, enamel pins, and buttons.

The journey began with the success of VHS goodie box filled with merchandise crafted in 2010 for Corpse Circus, a band for which marketing and art design were my responsibilities. Witnessing the popularity of these unique creations, a friend and I ventured into the creation of Candy Claw in 2015, a brand that resonated with many people from the very beginning. Despite Candy Claw's success, my collaborative partner embarked on his own path. 

The distinctive "Horrible" logo, originally created for the VHS cases for Corpse Circus and carried forward to Candy Claw, became an iconic symbol. This neon green "Horrible" sticker, a playful parody of the traditional "horror" sticker used by VHS rental places to identify the genre, played a pivotal role in naming Horrible Home Video.

Each VHS goodie box serves as a mini work of art. The goal is to extend the "shelf life" of these boxes, pun intended, as collectors proudly display them as unique pieces in their homes.

The VHS goodie boxes feature an array of meticulously selected items, including stickers, wristbands, trading cards, buttons, magnets, lanyards, and more. Each box is a testament to my commitment to detailed craftsmanship, with covers hand-cut and adorned with real stickers.

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