Monsters (Prismatic Sticker)

Monsters (Prismatic Sticker)

4 inch x 2.75 inch, Prismatic Sticker.

These were printed in 2020, supply is extremely limited stock.

Choose to purchase multiple stickers (3 or more if you would like tracking) or include them with other items to offset the cost of USPS ground shipping with tracking, ensuring the safe arrival of your order.

Not Recommended:
Refrain from buying single stickers, as they ship with only a stamp (no tracking) to save costs. The trade-off in cost is the unreliability of a stamp without tracking.
Items shipped with a stamp will not be replaced if lost in transit or damaged in transit. This is mainly due to limited stock, and in part, due to USPS errors. While most envelopes arrive safely, occasional losses in transit do occur once. By purchasing a single sticker you assume the risk involved.

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